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Re: The Gimmicky Cameos Are Back! (Minor Spoilers)

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Meredith Vieira in "The Wedding of River Song."
That's exactly what I said when Sir Patrick Moore appeared in "The Eleventh Hour."

Clearly some gimmicky cameos are aimed at audiences on specific sides of the Atlantic.

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The difference is that in 20 years or whatever, people watching Vincent and the Doctor will either know that Bill Nighy is/ was a well-known actor or will just see him as one of the cast. His acting will stand the test of time.

Whereas when they see, for example, Alan Sugar playing Alan Sugar, they'll go 'Who's Alan Sugar and what's the in-joke here meant to be?'

His cameo is a 'contemporary' cameo for modern viewers, which will be completely lost on many or most future viewers.
So when Alfred Hitchcock appeared in his films, that wasn't a cameo just because we still remember who he was decades later?
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