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Re: Stiles in Balance of Terror

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3) Stiles' distrust of Spock and his entire species is a very rational concern, really. It's not that there would be something wrong about wanting to throw Spock in the brig and send a message to Earth recommending internment of all Vulcans. It's just that Stiles is being circumspect about it, insinuating rather than accusing. Which I guess is the most he dares do, what with Spock being his superior and all.

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There would definitely be something very wrong about that.
I don't think you see the entire picture here. If Vulcans and Romulans are one people with one agenda (a gigantic if, but a natural conclusion to jump to, in the circumstances), then what happens next must logically be that Spock tries to destroy the Enterprise. If he fails, and Kirk manages to report back, Vulcans elsewhere, everywhere, will immediately attack the Federation. The green-blooded enemies have run out of options and out of time, and must proceed or perish. And considering that an attack was launched after a long silence, it must be assumed that the enemies are ready to proceed on all fronts.

If, on the other hand, Spock is not in cahoots with the presently revealed villains, it might be simply because Spock is an outcast. Internment of those Vulcans responsible for the original conspiracy against the Federation, the one where the identity of the enemy was so cunningly hidden, is still prudent.

If the connection between the evil elves on the viewscreen and the Vulcanoids back home is as tenuous as the one between the evil human-lookalikes on Eminiar or Gideon and the humans back home, then there is no reason to act against Spock or Vulcans in any way. But can Stiles bet the future of mankind on that? He feels he is uniquely positioned to question the unquestionable thanks to his historical expertise; now, can he ramp up the courage to assault Spock and fulfil his duty as a Starfleet officer?

Timo Saloniemi
No that is not a natural conclusion to jump to at all. That's a racist and irrational conclusion to jump to. Because the only basis Stiles has is that they look alike. It's incredibly stupid, if Spock was in cahoots with the Romulans he could have destroyed the ship as soon as he knew the enemies "are ready to proceed on all fronts".. there wouldn't be time for discussion.

You said there would be nothing wrong with recommending the internment of all vulcans. Sorry, but no, that would be very wrong. It doesn't matter if there were vulcan spies or some vulcans may have been working secretly with romulans (which they weren't, it was a conspiracy of a racist human being racist), you don't punish an entire race of people for it. Lol try telling George Takei that... Imprisoning all Vulcans on Earth, including children, because there might be some vulcan spies according to some clearly panicky racist? A species that has done nothing but help to advance mankind? That's incredibly wrong. You said that "Stiles' distrust of Spock and his entire species is a very rational concern" Are you crazy?

Sometimes it seems like you type these long ass explanations and happen to just throw in some crazy stuff to see if anyone is paying attention.
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