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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Yes, people can post disagreement w/ others' opinions but when they start calling them names (like silly or maybe worse) then that to me and many others is unacceptable. And the opinion that Janeway fans didn't receive a bunch of grief just for advocating her return (besides other details) is to me and I'm sure others quite untrue, and I bet there could be found a number examples of that, starting w/ a few days ago here and even today it would seem. Actually I seem to remember some anti-return people before being warned by a mod to stop being rude. Well, was thinking people were actually being reasonable here concerning Janeway's return, but it seems was unfortunately mistaken. Still the proof is in the printing, KJ IS back, and even after so many people vowed that would never happen. That her fans still seem to be discounted is a shame for Trek, and I can say that from (the perspective of) being a loyal fan for over 40 years.

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