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Re: The Gimmicky Cameos Are Back! (Minor Spoilers)

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Not sure if you've confused who said what, I was arguing Bill Nighy, Christian Slater, and Winona Rider are all actors, it's their job, it's what they do, so, no they aren't Gimmicky. Hiring non-actors to play themselves or Pop stars for cameos (IE: Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother) or the other examples that were listed as gimmicky
No, I'm not confused. You basically said that if an actor is getting a role, its because they're an actor. "It's their job." And then you proceeded to list all kinds of silly reasons that apply to anyone who'd be interested in such a thing, including being a Doctor Who fan as enough of a reason to be on the show.

So what if they're playing themselves or someone else? So what if this is their first job as an actor? They're in front of the camera, reading lines, playing a role, and being directed. Or, what, "actors" can only be actors if that's all they do, and if they make money through any other means they're "gimmicky?" I guess that means Bones showing up at the end of TNG's premiere wasn't a gimmicky cameo because he was an actor playing a role? How about Steve Martin in The Jerk or Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours? They were comedians not "actors," so why weren't they gimmicky?

Sorry, but it's all nonsense. Actual cameos themselves are what are gimmicky, whether the actor is playing themself, a famous character of theirs, or someone else entirely.

Of course, you have to then decide what counts as a cameo and what counts as a guest appearance.
The reasons I gave such as "being a Doctor Who Fan", were explanations of why they would take such a small role.

Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy were the stars, starting their Acting careers, that's entirely different then a "one Off" cameo.

And no, I didn't say, if an actor is getting a role, its because they're an actor. What I said was if an Actor is a career actor, it's what their job is, it's not a stunt to offer them a job, even if it is a small role.
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