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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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If people didn't want to read Voy. books without Kathryn Janeway alive it was their concern and it's not for someone to tell them they were wrong or “silly”.
That's absolutely true, as a matter of principle. But if they argue for that opinion by making provably false statements or unfair accusations about the motivations behind Pocket's storytelling choices, then, as a matter of principle, it is absolutely justified to call them on their factual errors, and that is what actually happened here in the past -- for example. Certain posters were not simply expressing their fondness for Janeway, but were making blatantly false statements about what Pocket's policy on the matter had been -- for instance, claiming that the people in charge of Pocket had declared Janeway would never return, when the fact was that the only person employed by Pocket to say anything on the subject, editor Margaret Clark, clearly hinted that it was possible she would return, or claiming that no male character would be treated as Janeway had, ignoring the fact that Kirk had been killed off in canon many years before, and that in fact the majority of canonical characters killed in Trek literature have been male. These are not matters of opinion or taste but matters of objective fact, and yes, it is quite possible to be wrong about matters of fact. Correcting those factual errors was not the same thing as saying that people were wrong to like Kathryn Janeway or want her back.

I DID read Unworthy and found it rather uninteresting without KJ, but won't go into other details because this is not a review thread for that particular book. BTW her name was mentioned but 13 times there (out of almost 400 pages) and only half of that by the crew who were so upset by her passing a short time before (thank goodness for Tom/B'Elanna), hardly a large presence. I then, after looking into Children of the Storm, where only about half of it was set on Voyager, decided wasn't too interested in reading it. Now I think might read some of it, well maybe just the Voyager parts, to get information about the other canon Voyager characters. And I checked, Janeway's name was mentioned 8 times in COTS (mostly in passing), again not much of a presence; it seemed to me that KJ was going to be forgotten.
There's more to a character's legacy than how many times her surname is spoken aloud. Our departed loved ones, especially recently departed ones, loom large in our thoughts and affect our reactions and choices even when we don't mention them by name.

Now that’s my opinion but I’m free to espouse it as anyone else.
Yes, but others are equally free to express disagreement with it. That's not suppression of your rights, it's open debate on a level playing field. So there's no need for this defensive rhetoric. You are not and never have been persecuted -- at least not on this BBS as far as I've seen.
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