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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

MacLeod wrote: View Post
Well I would agree Rush tended to take the view of what they needed to do too survie. Whilst Young seemed to take the view of what needed to be done so everyone survived. Rush at times appeared to be willing to sacrifice someone if it improved the survival chances of the remainder.

Which is right or wrong depends on your point of view, but Rush appeared to be more willing to take the tough decisions than Young.
But then, that's because Col. Young had actual empathy for the people around him, and Rush just didn't give a shit. He scarcely cared about anyone but himself. If other people had to die so he could live, so be it.

Not that Young was any kind of role model, though. That's one thing I always thought was a stretch on this show. The Icarus base was a remote outpost, part of a DoD program so secret the general public has not even the slightest knowledge of it, and they would dare to staff it with anything but the best of the best of the best?

Rush made sense. He was brilliant and clearly understood the science of what they were doing at a level no one else (save Eli) could touch. But Young? Air Force Colonels command entire flight wings--they can't be incompetent or preoccupied with petty personal issues. He was a piss poor unit leader, and you don't get to that kind of position by being bad at your job.

The most gutsy decision he made was to leave Rush behind on that planet, and even that totally blew up in his face because he just can't plan and execute anything competently.
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