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Re: Generations deleted scenes

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As if not being a nut or a liar are exclusive qualities of being a jerk. Some of us manage to avoid all three. Okay so he's wrong. Does that make it necessary to personally insult him?
Well, I clearly admit I was being a jerk. I felt that was a given, in that, I was pointedly attacking his veracity. Most of the time I do try to avoid being any of those 3 things. But I'm a huge deleted scenes/aternate version/lost sequences buff and now for the second time a thread that for all intents looks like a hoax and i got real annoyed.

A while back another poster claimed to have seen the rough cut of TWOK and at first I was very skeptical, but I didn't jump to the conclusion that he was a confabulator. I followed the thread and asked questions and i was super surprised that he was 100% honest and informed. With every post the other poster gave more and more facts that only could be coming from someone who had seen it and was telling the truth.

This person, who may be a great guy and a decent person, is saying things in these two threads that are so wrong/uninformed/silly that it really reaches the level of assuming other people are also uninformed or just plain stupid or naive. I hate being treated that way in person or in a forum of supposedly like-minded people.

I've posted dumb things, wrong things, unfunny, unwitty and boring things, but I don't make sh*t up and treat other people like dupes. Maybe he DID take some 'great' or 'bad' dope (depending on your point of view) and thougtht he saw those scenes and his interactions following them.

I've had a number of really cool Star Trek dreams that seemed 100% real while I was having them, but when I woke up I realized it was just in a nerd's paradise. I didn't post them!

And at the risk of getting kicked in the nuts from every angle I don't believe the Joker either.

They created a shot of the bridge interior where they spend FX money showing the crew vaporized and then just cut it, for what reason? Make one up--that's what we'll have to do in order to believe him. And does a SINGLE person who saw Generations remember seeing that. Anybody? The difference is that I'm not gonna say I 100% KNOW it wasn't there--just that it's very unlikely. I don't pretend to remember every shot from movies decades ago.

Oh well, I do remember that in Charlie X, Rand had a nipple slip, but hey I was 13 years old so I might just have dreamed it!
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