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Re: Glee - Season Four

I did enoy the storyline about the young newcomer and her overweight mom. I kind of wish it had been strung out over a few more episodes.

What Glee does best, IMO, and what got me into a vigourous debate last season over in the "Smash" thread, is present music to tell their stories.

The song that young Marci(?) did after the Glee kids apologized for ragging on her mother (don't know the name of the song), where she kind of stalks them from behind the scenes while they rehearse, then at the appropriate point in the song, Blaine sees her, grabs her and pulls her into the group, is a prime example of how well Glee handles music. The music is presented with thought, imagination, and care.

Missed Mercedes and Santana. Ecstatic about not having to see or hear Phinn. Whoopi, good -- Kate Hudson, bad. Britt still cute. "Unique", with a totally masculine real name (Wade), is too funny.
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