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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

If people didn't want to read Voy. books without Kathryn Janeway alive it was their concern and it's not for someone to tell them they were wrong or “silly”. I DID read Unworthy and found it rather uninteresting without KJ, but won't go into other details because this is not a review thread for that particular book. BTW her name was mentioned but 13 times there (out of almost 400 pages) and only half of that by the crew who were so upset by her passing a short time before (thank goodness for Tom/B'Elanna), hardly a large presence. I then, after looking into Children of the Storm, where only about half of it was set on Voyager, decided wasn't too interested in reading it. Now I think might read some of it, well maybe just the Voyager parts, to get information about the other canon Voyager characters. And I checked, Janeway's name was mentioned 8 times in COTS (mostly in passing), again not much of a presence; it seemed to me that KJ was going to be forgotten.

Now that’s my opinion but I’m free to espouse it as anyone. And BTW, I didn’t feel KJ was so marginalized in the Spirit Watch books, she was featured in the story as much as any canon Voyager character. Janeway was the lead character of Voyager (the captain, first in the credits, the most lines overall, yes I checked that out), but she wasn’t the main focus of every episode, so isn’t that strange she wasn’t the most important one in the last two Golden books. At least she was alive and well. Anyway, if people (almost 1000 on Facebook and others elsewhere) wanted to band together to advocate for their character’s return it was also their right. KJ people received a lot of flak for their advocacy, even maybe now, but they persevered anyway. And, no matter how the decision was made to bring Janeway back, the KJ-return fans have gotten just what they wanted in TET, and this is after even about six months ago the idea still of her coming back was discounted. So who’s “silly” now, not the happy Janeway fans, it would seem.

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