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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I was part of the campaign to Bring Back Kathryn Janeway (please don't be horrible, we were just voicing or opinion. Calling us names isn't going to accomplish anything, it's just hurtful and not necessary!)
I don't think anyone here wants to be "horrible" to the Janeway fans. But some of the BBJers posting on this board repeatedly made statements that were not simply opinions but were factually untrue and abusive to the creators involved, and we couldn't just let those false statements go unchallenged. There's nothing wrong with an honest difference of opinion, but if that difference of opinion crosses the line into dishonesty, into the propagation of false and unjust accusations against Pocket Books and its authors, then that is not acceptable. So it wasn't about their opinions, it was about the tactics they used. However much those individuals may have tried to paint themselves as persecuted victims, they were the ones doing the attacking and the flaming, and the rest of us were just standing up to them.

But of course there are always extremists who bring out the worst in any cause, and that shouldn't be held against the more reasonable majority. There's nothing unfair or counterfactual in your post, just the kind of healthy, normal voicing of opinion that we should all strive to employ, so there's no reason for anyone to react badly.
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