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It's the one thing they could skip by using the shuttlebay-carried Delta Flyer, though - the only VFX-related thing, really. Pennywise, really, but still a distinguishing factor between the two possibilities.

Regarding the original warp fighter issue, what do we make of the small Vulcan craft of ENT? We see some of these deployed near Vulcan, losing a fight to one of NX-01's shuttlepods, which is pretty pathetic. Yet we soon also witness them in very deep space, in formation with the heaviest known Vulcan combat starships:

So, capable of self-deployment at interstellar speeds? Stowable aboard those big combatants? Likely to make any difference in the fight with the Andorians?

...The same as this identically shaped smallish craft from "Carbon Creek"? A craft that may have been a sublight auxiliary to an orbiting mothership, or an independent warpship on its own?

Timo Saloniemi
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