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Re: Lincoln Full Trailer

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What I didn't like was the tendency in the trailer to have so many fades.. that we can't watch more than three seconds of action play out before we are enveloped in total darkness. This trend happens all the time in trailers and is not limited to this film, but it usually happens in trailers for movies that think of themselves as somehow more important or more deserving. I hate it. Are they afraid to just let us watch something? Are they afraid of brave trailer editing that I think was actually much better five years ago than it is now?
What would you have preferred, a techno soundtrack with cuts every half second?
So you weren't annoyed and distracted by all the fadeouts? There were so many of them, it's like they were trying to be funny! I usually don't notice stuff like that, so when I do notice it, there's a problem. I shouldn't be consciously aware of fade-outs, it's like when the music is so bad that you notice it.
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