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Re: Why the Xindi never appear in TOS / TNG / DS9 / VOY

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post
The Andorians appeared in more ENT episodes than the Klingons. In the long run they were more important to the series than the Klingons.
What I meant was from the start, as in Broken Bow onwards, making them the primary antagonists. IMO, the Klingon stories should have come waaaaay later.


Ethros wrote: View Post
The vast majority of aliens and planets encountered in Season 1 & 2 were brand new, and it kinda made the Alpha Quadrant feel too packed full
Exactly this. A tease here and there with familiar alien names really should have compromised the majority of episodes. Babylon 5 had tons of races, yet the primary ones they featured had distinct qualities which were expanded upon (depending on the situation.) Same (more or less) with DS9's later Seasons. It gave viewers a sense of focus, and I think that mindset could have potentially let Enterprise go on far longer than it did. If only Season 4 and the Shran arc had been part of Seasons 1 and 2, then have an Andorian-Starfleet conflict in Season 3...

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