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Re: USS Copernicus, NCC-640 or 623?

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I see, so the Encyclopedia is canon (how many solar years were "Space Seed" and Star Trek II apart?), but the comics aren't and neither is a design by Rick Sternbach. Interesting.
No, the Encyclopedia is not canon. Canon is whatever is shown on the screen. The Encyclopedia is an officially licensed Trek publication, as are the comics. But the Encyclopedia was written by actual Trek production personnel, and the comic's weren't, so whatever info the 'pedia has is more official than a comic. And just to be clear, the Baton Rouge ship, while designed by Sternbach, was never meant by him to represent the Republic. That was just the artistic license of the comic artist.

Just because they do it in the late 23rd Century doesn't automatically imply that's the way they did it in the early or mid 23rd Century. Just because they use four-digit-registries in the 23rd Century doesn't imply they couldn't use five-digit-registries in the 24th.
That may be true, but there's more evidence that the opposite is the case. There are newer ships with the same name as an older ship that have completely different registry numbers, and there are ships with a letter suffix implying that there were previous ships with the same name. To my knowledge there has never been a newer ship with the same name as an older ship with the exact same registry number.

The whole "A" business originated with that Enterprise design sketch from Matt Jefferies where he added next to "17th Cruiser Design" "1st Moderize & Modification 1701A".
Get your facts straight. The "A" business, at least as far as delineating a newer ship with the same name as an older ship, originated at the end of Star Trek IV The Voyage Home, by that movie's producers. I sincerely doubt they were thinking anything about Matt Jeffries at the time.

I'm aware it was fixed, nevertheless the original registry hinted the existence of a previous and much older USS Yamato NCC-1305 which I considered to be a nice addition to the universe of Star Trek.
Yes, I considered it nice as well. But it's been superseded by a different registry, so there you go.
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