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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Fandango posted:
But, yeah, I have no idea why Gemma would trust him to this degree, or why he'd be willing to house some biker fugitives and risk bringing all that heat down on his 'escort' service.
He can probably handle himself. He was with ''muscle'' whne he talked to Gemma on the phone.

Also, the whole point of a safehouse is that it's something no one knows about. Or at least as few people as possible. Hence the use of the word "safe" in "safehouse." It's not a "let's go to that one property we publicly own or are otherwise known to associate with to hide out; surely no one will think to look for us there"-house.
Charming looks like a small town so if they would rent some houses people would probably know about it. Makes sense. I remeber the FBI once trying to follow someone in a small town. People constantly went to their car and wanted to know who were they.
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