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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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But none of these are PRACTICAL, not on the timescales you're talking about, or for the applications you're describing. In essence the sentient AI is the least impractical thing on the ship mainly because it actually serves a (somewhat) well-defined purpose at the destination. That same AI would be entirely unnecessary for a voyage that lasts five thousand years, however.
The ships systems would need to be preserved and maintained over that 5000 year journey, the AI could be woken up periodically with a timer to run a systems check, maintenance could be performed by remote AI Computer controlled robots. the ship will have to last 5000 years or more.
And anyone who has ever played Marathon and/or Halo can think of at least one reason why that is truly a horrible idea.

What's so impractical?
The fact that it otherwise serves no useful purpose to any living person, nor is the benefit for the eventual cloned humans at the destination point in any way justified by the massive expense required.

How do you know what the cost is going to be? the trillion dollar figure is yours not mine, I estimate a computers such as that will be possible by 2020 to 2030, by 2100 they'll be much cheaper than the initial prototypes due to Moore's Law. A space going fission is likely not to be more expensive than a commercial nuclear power plant, Ion drives are already being used in space probes and satellites. The only thing that requires much development are the AIs and artificial womb technology.

As for the purpose of an interstellar colony of humans, I would think that would be obvious, as an insurance policy for the survival of the human race. All this change wrought by AI technology may threaten the survival of the human race, so the purpose of an interstellar colony would be largely to achieve isolation from the rest of the human race so that any social phenomenon caused by the advent of an AI singularity will have time to play itself out when human colonists arrive at the surface of the planet. If humanity destroys itself or advanced AIs destroy it, then it will get a new start on a distant planet.

Do you think insurance policies are a bad investment. There is some interest in the survival of one's children, an Interstellar colony can help insure that, and slow ships are cheaper than fast ones.
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