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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

You're right, Kristen DID comment on it. Believe it was the notes at the end of The Eternal Tide, essentially stating that she wasn't pressured or influenced into having Janeway return, and to please not view the return in that light, but that she did it for her own creative reasons. (Paraphrasing, don't have it in front of me)

I read that as her being worried that people would think that things like your boycott and 'buzz' influenced this decision, and wanting to disuade people of that notion...

And directly responding to your posts isn't the same thing as people "still commenting on it". You said something, i responded to it. Didn't create some big movement that's in people's consciousnesses, and we're still buzzing over the impact.

Either way, that was kinda the minor point in my post, in favor of the bigger part you didn't seem to want to address. Janeway was more a part of Full Circle (and treated better) than in the Spirit Walk books before, but no protest to her being shunted aside and being useless there. Why not? Didn't miss her then, but kill off (with the obvious Q out that was there, even) a character that's alternating between not being used, and used badly, and it's end of the world? Were you ENJOYING Janeway's story before her death?

And the boycott was kinda all over the place anyway, when the people that have chimed in so far have said they read them all anyway, but maybe got from the library instead of buying, or got from used book store. I applaud the purchasing of several copies of TET to attempt to use your wallet to show approval of the return, but suspect the couple extra copies will have about the same impact as the refusing to buy the last couple books until now. That is to say, little to none. Suspect TPTB will just see it as approval of how Kristen has been doing all along, as believe her numbers for all the books in this run have been pretty good.
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