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Re: Does the Federation still exist in the 31+th century?

Here's a theory. Given time isn't linear what if the Battle of Procyon V and the fate of the Expanse are linked, the Federation defeats the Sphere Builders in the 26th century while Enterprise defeats them in the 22nd, as both succeed both Expanses dissipate simultaneously.
It's shown people from the 26th century can time travel (TNG: A Matter of Time) so it's easy to assume they've developed temporal shielding (VOY: Year of Hell), also with the events of ENT being history to them they'd know what was going to happen so they wouldn't be affected by any change in the timeline, only the Expanse would be, this is of course assuming it would change since the various species have messed with time so much, the contradictions need each other to keep the timeline stable or some crap like that.
It's a messy little paradox but that's nothing new.
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