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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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<Sigh> Again with the "It was a 9/11 parallel". NuBSG has almost nothing in common with 9/11, less than 4000 people were killed (Not to make light of it, it was a horrific crime, but, doesn't compare to NuBSG annihilation), a drop in the bucket compared to our 6 Billion population.

In NuBSG, less than 100,000, from 12 planets survived to make the Exodus.

After 9/11, Humanity wasn't running for lives and being hunted and exterminated when we slowed down from running top speed. Maybe it was the writer's intent to make that parallel, I don't know, but, I sure don't see the Parallel, there's nothing at all in common other than a difference in Religion.

The Sudan, for one, is a much more apt comparison, and there are many other historical events that are far more apt comparisons.
The 9/11 parallels were deliberate and elaborated upon by Ron Moore--you know, the executive producer and showrunner. I don't know how you can discount his own words about the show's themes unless you think it is entirely a matter of how the individual viewer interprets it--which is a fair position to take. However, it was a deliberate 9/11 allegory on the part of the show's creators. There is no denying that.
As I said, I don't know if that was indeed their intention, but, it sure didn't play out anything like 9/11, the only thing it had in common with The 9/11 attack was a difference of Religion. The method of Cylon attack, the devestation of the attack, the hunting and exterminating, the loss of life of over 90% of the Population and the loss of Society, The Martial Law, The Dwindling and lack of Resources, The Politics, etc, etc. None of that in NuBSG has anything in common with the 9/11 attack of Al Quaeda

I don't dispute the claim that it was their intention, I dispute that the end Product succeeded in having any parallel other than a Difference of Religion.
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