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Science doesn't work like you think it does. Mainly because you haven't tried to actually apply scientific, critical thinking. Science doesn't just take things on faith and "seems to me" guesses like you apparently favor. It tests the validity of those ideas. The ideas that hold up to scrutiny get accepted. The ones that don't get dropped.
Well he hasn't been trained in any discipline as far as I can see. It's the same as "I haven't seen the film but I know it sucks". To dismiss the entire archeological discipline, never mind the achievement of the sciences, is too silly to even be risible.
That reminds me of a scene from the Boondocks.

Grandad: What do you have against Soul Plane? That movie was funny!
Huey: Funny like a lynching.
Grandad: You never even saw it!
Huey: I've never seen a lynching either, but I know they're not funny.
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