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Seems to me that the mainstream scientific community is as dogmatic as some religious communities....both of which thinking that we know it all, and that if someone else points out something, he or she is wrong, wrong, wrong...
The difference between scientists and clerics is that scientists spend millions of dollars and dozens of years researching the subject before they come to a conclusion, whereas clercis spend hundreds of dollars and dozens of years reinforcing conclusions that were made before they were ever born. "Dogma" is something you believe because you've been taught to believe it, which is not what scientists do.

I'd grant that paradigm shifts in science can shake up the conventional wisdom and sometimes a new theory comes along that blows everyone else's theories out of the water and forces everyone to look at the data again. That is a COMPLETELY different thing from "refusal to look at alternate possibilities." Science is about DATA, not speculation.

I mean look at the Sphinx, there's water erosion on the Sphinx, as well as it's enclosure, and the last time Eygpt had any sigificant rainfall was like 10,000 years
The water erosion on the Sphinx is consistent with the average rainfall in the Giza region over the past 6,000 years (which is noticeably less than it is today). More importantly, most of that erosion on the Sphinx is wind/dust erosion, not water erosion.

not to mention the fact that I see a black woman's face on it, as oppossed to Chephren.
I repeat: you do know Cephren was black, right?

And the verdict was the face of the Sphinx is not the same person as represented in the statue of the Pharoh Chephren.....he did not have the Sphinx done...
That's a dubious conclusion if I ever saw one, considering the people who sculpted the Sphinx were almost certainly not the same people who sculpted the statue.

And one thing the megolithich structures have over modern stuff like sky scrappers are that they scrappers, bridges, etc need to be maintained and worked on...
Or else they fall into disrepair and begin to show signs of decay and erosion over the millennia. Not totally unlike the pyramids, come to think of it.

OTOH, there's something to be said for the longevity of stone over metal. In which case, there's no doubt in my mind that 3000 years from now someone is going to propose an ancient aliens theory to explain the geopolitical dominance of the United States and use Mount Rushmore as proof of it (George Washington's eroded and cracked face on the mountain doesn't look anything like the statue in the ruins of the smithsonian).

Pyramids, both in Egypt and South America and Mexico, they are still there and looking good.
Having actually BEEN to Chichen Itza and seen the condition of those cities and the pyramids there, I can tell you "looking good" is not the way I would have put it. The people who discovered the city had to clear about a thousand years worth of brush from the ruins just to make it accessible, and in the intervening years both the ancient city and the pyramid have been subject to careful restoration to keep them from crumbling to the elements. The pyramids, too, are showing extreme signs of wear as the outermost stones have all decayed away and blown into dust (it was built with smooth sides originally, remember?).
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