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Re: Has anyone played the boardgame?

Yeah, I have a gaming group and we've played this one a few times.

It can be a pretty intense game, in that your supplies are always dwindling and you always seem to be one small crisis away from annihilation. All the while, you have to try to figure out who the Cylons among you are.

Once the Cylons are revealed, the dynamics change and the crises the Cylons throw at you are even more threatening. There are "Super Crisis" cards which are game-enders for the humans if you are already in a bad way.

It is a game that the humans don't so much win by succeeding in missions, but by managing losses. You will gradually lose food, fuel, morale, population, Vipers, Raptors, and civilian ships. What you have to do is carefully consider what to sacrifice and when.

The last game I played, I was Admiral Cain, whose special abilities include making a single blind jump that will sacrifice a couple civilian ships. I tried to make the argument that we should do a blind jump early on to make a little more distance (distance being the only way to ultimately win.) No one else was willing to do it, because civilian ship losses also cost you some random resource. Well, we should have done it, because that sacrifice would've helped us avoid at least a few crisis cards, which would have ultimately saved resources.

This last time, we played with the Pegasus expansion, which adds the Pegasus and you can play for the New Caprica goal instead of the Earth goal. I will just say that winning New Caprica is hard. Very hard. With the Earth goal, you have to try to reach Earth. If you do that, humans win, game over. With New Caprica, your options are limited and your goals are to a) get the Galactica back to New Caprica (this takes a while), and b) prepare and evacuate your civilian ships. This is tough because the Cylon players can use more Super Crisis cards than usual, and set up occupation forces to thwart your activities.

The box says the game takes 90 minutes to 3 hours or something. I can tell you that it can take up to 5 hours if you have a lot of debate or any confusion over the rules. The game is somewhat complicated, at least when you get into the nuances of how some cards and scenarios interact.

It seems to me it is probably more fun to be a Cylon, however the game randomly assigns those, so you don't get to pick. I do think one of the most fun factors is trying to figure out which players are Cylons, so you can either put them in the brig or execute them. In my last game, I tried to have a suspected Cylon executed but I was overruled by the other players--they didn't believe he was a Cylon, or that he could do much damage if he was. Well, he turned out to be one, and he contributed directly to our destruction: massacred on New Caprica. Whoops!
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