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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

<Sigh> Again with the "It was a 9/11 parallel". NuBSG has almost nothing in common with 9/11, less than 4000 people were killed (Not to make light of it, it was a horrific crime, but, doesn't compare to NuBSG annihilation), a drop in the bucket compared to our 6 Billion population.

In NuBSG, less than 100,000, from 12 planets survived to make the Exodus.

After 9/11, Humanity wasn't running for lives and being hunted and exterminated when we slowed down from running top speed. Maybe it was the writer's intent to make that parallel, I don't know, but, I sure don't see the Parallel, there's nothing at all in common other than a difference in Religion.

The Sudan, for one, is a much more apt comparison, and there are many other historical events that are far more apt comparisons.
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