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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Just pointing out that the books you were boycotting (which had exactly zero to do with Janeway's return, I assume you realize?) were better than the ones you were happily reading before her death. And had more of, and better treatment of, Janeway than the several books before her death.

Had you read one or two of them and THEN decided to boycott because it wasn't the direction you enjoyed, could have had a measure of respect for that. Again, not that it would have accomplished anything, but it's your decision to quit, and can't make you read them. It looked silly because you quit at a low point, and then were vocal about how they all weren't reading without Janeway, when those of use that WERE reading them knew better. That you WEREN'T protesting starting with Spirit Walk, where Janeway is sidelined, marginalized, and basically a throw-away character out on her own, but then got loud about the time that Full Circle hit shelves, and Janeway was front and center and got better treatment than she'd received in most EPISODES, much less the book series, strikes me as ironic I guess.

Either way, looking forward to the reviews on Full Circle, Unworthy, and Children of the Storm from the ex-boycotters. Suspect you'll figure out why everyone was telling you that you should have been reading them immediately if you were really Janeway fans. Skipping Full Circle felt to me like claiming you love someone, and then skipping their eulogy/wake. Just odd...
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