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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

Da Bears still suck. Always fun seeing overreactions to week 1.

I really have no idea where the Packers defense is going to go over the course of the season. I'm glad they put Shields back on the field over Bush. The pass rush looked decent for once, but then again we're talking about the Bears offensive line. J'Marcus Webb was a disaster.

It didn't really look like offensively the Bears made much of an effort to mimic what was successful for San Fran. Forte eventually left injured but probably wasn't involved enough in the passing game to that point. San Fran also ran lots of (illegal) picks to get people wide open. I'm not seeing how Tice is an upgrade from Martz. I didn't really understand their game plan, if anything it looked like it was drawn up to make the Packers D's job easy.

Defensively, Urlacher is looking old. Overall they weren't terrible. We didn't exactly light up the scoreboard. The Packers offense has not looked like the offensive juggernaut of the past few years at all yet. I suspect their approach is a little stale and a predictable. Finding creative plays to utilize Randall Cobb seems like the best way to get untracked and open up the field for the rest of our playmakers.

It was nice to see Slocum's much maligned special teams finally punk Chicago at their own game. So many games have been lost to the Bears over the years because of some block or punt return. Got some payback on that level. And good on Crabtree for getting the score. Seems like a cool dude, his twitter is pretty funny as well, as close as we're going to get to Kluwe-level anyway (Kluwe being the only good thing to come out of the Vikings franchise uhhhhh ever).
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