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Re: USS Copernicus, NCC-640 or 623?

So we should follow the learner (Joseph) because the master (Jefferies) didn't know what he was doing?!?
Why should we "follow" either of them? As far as the registry business goes, after "NCC-1701" was done, they both only contributed to the backstage element of Star Trek, that which was never part of the TV show we saw.

If anything, Mr. Schnaubelt's registries are more enduring that Mr. Jeffries', as three or four of them were quoted in the first movie while only one Jeffries registry even made it on screen (unless he did the registries in "Court Martial", too, but I sort of doubt it). But neither of the gentlemen ever managed to influence the Trek universe with a "system" of registries.

the "pompous Paramounters" you are referring to are the creators of Star Trek!
Yup. The usual range of alcoholics, womanizers, wifebeaters and general assholes out for money, with an occasional nice guy or gal interspersed (but out for money nevertheless). That's Hollywood for ya. And yes, you are excused. But you are growing a bit tiresome.

However, I'm pretty sure all scenes with the Yamato were just stock footage of the Enterprise, so the model wasn't actually labeled 1305-E.
If the blu-ray enhancements stay as faithful to original footage as they have done so far, we are probably going to keep seeing the Yamato from angles where the name and registry aren't going to be visible no matter what. So that won't "solve" anything yet, I guess. A similar reworking of "Contagion" will have one revealing angle of the saucer, in the big explosion scene, but whether a name or a registry will be readable there remains to be seen. It's really up to how the computer readouts in "Contagion" are redone, then.

Or more probably up to how they were done in the first place. Picard's desktop computer in the teaser appears to have a backlit gel, which doesn't need any redoing as such. But the rest of the log, on Picard's desktop and the main viewer, is postproduction graphics that have to be done all anew anyway.

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