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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Yes Damian was shown as being in a vat...and Talia is seen taking him as a baby as what can only be assumed to be a Lazarus Pit. We pretty much already knew this, the zero issue though was the first time we were shown it (not the vat part, but the Lazarus Pit).

Eddy Barrows might be Ivan Reis's replacement as "Aquaman" artist and the speculation begins as to who the writer will be.

Also Trekker, I doubt there will be any zero issues next year, unless sales on these were huge, the reason DC gave for having them was that they were supposed to mark the one year anniversary of the relaunch, which is why they've all been published in Sep. The continued in 2013 was most likely a reference to the "Death of the Family" story arc that is starting next month and that will go through until next year.

Batman #0: Loved this issue. It seems to me that DC is really influenced by Nolan's trilogy. Bruce's reluctance to move back into the mansion right away and instead making his base of operations in a brownstone close to Crime Alley where his parents died makes a lot of sense. His relationship with Alfred has yet to formulate and develop into what it is in the present time. They're not quite on the same page about his mission, again reminding me of the Nolan verison of Alfred. The Red Hood Gang is the most interesting aspect of this story to me. The back up story reveals that Jason Todd was a member of the gang who left. I'm guessing that the leader of the gang is the original Red Hood, which of course is the Joker prior to his dis-figuration. We get to see Dick, Tim, and Jason briefly prior to the incidents that caused them to meet Bruce and become Robin's. The artwork was fantastic and the backup story and how Jim Gordon intended on using the Bat Signal was fantastic. He intends on using it as inspiration and hope. Obviously we know it inspires Babs and yes as Trekker mentioned, it ties in nicely with "Batgirl #0".
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