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And one thing the megolithich structures have over modern stuff like sky scrappers are that they scrappers, bridges, etc need to be maintained and worked on....metal oxidizes, plastics disolve, glass is brittle (unless made in a perfect vaccum, than it would be better than steel).....the Pyramids, both in Egypt and South America and Mexico, they are still there and looking good.

But those megalithic structures are just lumps of stone. And do you somehow think if we constructed solid simple geometric shapes of stone today that they wouldn't last as long?

A parking garage is not a pyramid. Each one has it's own uses, upkeep, and construction.

What about all the ancient wonders that haven't survived? For every pyramid of Giza there are 5 that have withered away in the sands.Were the aliens contracted to build them doing shoddy work?

Science doesn't work like you think it does. Mainly because you haven't tried to actually apply scientific, critical thinking. Science doesn't just take things on faith and "seems to me" guesses like you apparently favor. It tests the validity of those ideas. The ideas that hold up to scrutiny get accepted. The ones that don't get dropped. People that cling to ideas that hve no scientific merit just reveal their own stupidity.
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