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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Mixed feelings on the zero issues so far. They seem to be almost raising more questions than they answer. Despite some early rumblings to the contrary, it's clear that there's just no coherent continuity in mind. That's not necessarily a deal breaker--in truth I value a good story over slavish continuity any day-- but there's a bit of recovering continuity junkie in me that misses the Way Things Were. I liked that, pre-new 52, things had gotten to the point that you could still manage to fit a lot of old Silver Age stories into things. All such bets are off now, tho, it seems...

I've liked the Bat-zero issues so far, tho I don't like trying to fit four Robins into five years. I much preferred the early New 52 whispers that Batman's career may have stretched back a bit further than the magic Five Years. That's clearly been abandoned, though... And I'm still really confused as to how Damien works now if Bruce hasn't been Batman for much more than five years....

A bit disappointed with Legion Lost and Green Lantern Corps 0. Timber Wolf's origin has been revamped pretty wholesale, tho I suppose it still sort of works. Ditto Guy Gardner. His backstory was a little convoluted, and streamlining it works well enough... But it raises questions. So the Guardians had a two Lantern per sector deal back in 'year one'? Fine. Did Abin Sur have a partner? Did his/her death result in the ring seeking out Guy? If not, what did prompt a ring to go find him just then? And how does John fit into things now? Originally Guy was an alternate and John was tapped when Guy was incapacitated...

So confusing. I had hoped the zero issues would clear things up more...

Long Live The Legion!
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