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Wesley left her mother's quarters with Kara in arm, the automatic door closed behind them as they entered the corridor. This particular part was a junction 6 meters by 6 meters with a 2 meter wide where one 2-meter wide corridor joined near wall of the junction from the left while another 2-meter wide corridor joined the far wall they were facing from the right. The walls were light orange in color. A sliding door was on the right wall of the junction. Wesley led Kara through the right corridor. "I thought I'd give you a tour of the ship since you'll be living here for a while. We are currently on Deck 8, which is part of the saucer section of this ship."
Kara said, "My what a lot of sliding doors you have here."
"Takes some getting used to, Wesley admitted, this is the first assignment my mom's had aboard a starship since my dad died."
"How'd your Dad die?" Kara asked.
"Its a long story, suffice to say he died in service of the Federation. But now is not the time, to the left is a door leading to a storage area, My mom has some spare furniture in there lots of boxes and things. Up ahead past that is the turbolift, a kind of elevator that can move up and down and sideways throughout the ship it has its own shafts, I been in them a few times when the turbo lift has under repair." Wesley admitted.
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