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An experiment in democracy

If there are any good (I mean good) Trek writers out there who enjoy exploring the setting but who find themselves a bit stifled by the excessive structure of Starfleet service, please consider paying a visit to the SS Fawkes website.

Our Nova-based sim is a "low fantasy"-style story set in and around the Bajor Sector, circa 2388. It tells the story of a small band of misfits and adventurers who use an aging Groumal-class cargo freighter as a semi-legal source of profit and as a way into greater personal freedom.

Most of the crew is or has been in trouble with the law -- or will be in fairly short order. They have little in common but their desire to escape convention and oppression. There is no squabbling over rank or position here, and no new-player hazing; everyone brings their full skill set to the table, and everyone contributes equally. All our stories are centered around the needs, talents, and backgrounds of our characters. It's a very different environment than a military starship, but it affords some special opportunities.

We've been going for about three months now and could use a few more dedicated players. If you are over eighteen, have a solid command of English, and can manage a minimum two tags a week and two posts a month, come on over and check us out! Thanks.
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