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Re: Top Ten Worst Episodes?

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I love your acerbic treatment of these episodes with unabashed sarcasm.
I'm happy somebody does.

As I say, really, aside from A Piece of the Action, I don't really hate any episode. There's usually something about them I can shut my brain off with and enjoy if they episodes themselves don't come up to par.

You didn't list "Spock's Brain"...
That cuz I really enjoy Spock's Brain. It's as dumb as dirt, but it's a great deal of fun. Fantastic music, the awesome rear projection viewscreen that Marc Daniels exploits as far as it can go ("Bill, just pace in front of the screen for a few minutes."). It's like it knows it's stupid but goes for it anyway. And I swear, the pain belts were props from Lost in Space. For that alone, it gets a thumbs up.

"That Which Survives" doesn't get mentioned much, but I definitely feel it is in the bottom 10.
I like this one, too, just for the atmosphere and the Service Crawl way. We never see it before or after, but I always loved it and the stuff going on around it. Spock is a total douche, but otherwise, I enjoy this one a lot.
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