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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

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James Kirk, Manipulator, but will "explain this Earth thing called kissing"
James Kirk/Lenore Karidian
James Kirk/Kelinda
James Kirk/Shayna
James Kirk/Deela
James Kirk/Marta the Orion Girl
There's an additional and interesting layer to at least three of these instances.

Lenore Karidian, Queen Deela, and Marta were all manipulating Kirk, too. In fact, Lenore really had the upper hand, because Kirk never seemed to suspect her, but rather only suspected her father. In these instances, the females are anything but vulnerable objects to the Kirkness. Sex was used as a weapon on both sides. Arguably, Spock/Romulan Commander falls into this category too, even though they apparently really did fall for each other.
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