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Re: Top Ten Worst Episodes?

Many of the more disliked episodes have very good qualities. Of the 79 episodes there are but a mere handful that are either very weak and of them only really one that makes me wince.

I can point to good if not great elements in each of the weaker ones that I dislike, but aside from Plato's Stepchildren, which I believe is just a lazy effort whereby there reused a lot of props and garb, not to mention a monumental embarrassment where the characters are concerned. But there will be those that like it, and I can appreciate that.

Mark of Gideon - full of plot holes

Lights of Zetar - Scotty always corny when he fancies a woman

Who Mourns for Adonais - back to the old Greek/Roman robes, harps and sandals. I can't stand it all plus Carolyn Marla MacGivers before her....all too shallow and easily talked out of her oath and sense of duty....on top of Scotty she ain't all of that (but I know that's subjective)

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield - dry episode...and a half opened door on the Enterprise?????

Whom Gods Destroy - some silly silly stuff just barely SAVED by Steve Inhat and Batgirl

Mudd's Women - too many plot holes, felt like a bad western at times

Return to Tomorrow - candy coated possession, too much tree sap between Sargon and "beloved wife" and some light and sound effects. I did like the part where Spock made Uhura scream, though.....and Kirk's hammed-up speech "risk....risk is our business". LOL!

The Cloud Minders - Kirk rolling around in the sand with a guy dressed yet again in ...... robe and sandals, Spock ready to throw it all away despite Pon Farr being light years away.....and missing the much appreciated "Roddenberry touch" on Vanna which in this corner is viewed as missed opportunity.

For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky
- another missed opportunity with Natira but mostly David Gerrold nailed it. Way too much reuse of props, sets, etc. It's bad enough when they obviously reuse and redress Nomad....but at least it was from another season and some effort had been put into it. In this one they borrowed HEAVILY from recent episodes. Maybe they figure we were stupid?
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