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Re: Why the Xindi never appear in TOS / TNG / DS9 / VOY

Just another Enterprise "story"line that won't effect me when I watch TOS, TNG or DS9.

Seriously, why the writing team of this series didn't just utilize previous/established races and expand on them from day 1, I'll never know.

Klingons? Could have used Andorians and made them the "adversary" which sets up Shran's debut.

Xindi? How about a conflict between the lesser known races from TOS and Earth with Andorians leading them because they view a Human-Vulcan alliance as a threat. An eventual resolution to the conflict certainly could have lead into season 4 in a decent way with the races trying to decide whether or not to continue fighting, maintain a cease fire or create a pre-Federation thing. Instead, we got space Nazis, but whatev.

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