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Generations deleted scenes

I've got a question regarding deleted scenes, more specifically in Generations. I hear a lot talk about how this scene was deleted, and that scene was deleted, but what constitutes a deleted scene? The fact is, is that I very vividly remember a lot of the "deleted" scenes in Generations. For example, the torture scene with Geordi. This is a scene that I remember for a number of reasons. First of all, I was with a good buddy of mine when we saw it in Mesa, AZ in 1994. With this scene, I commented how Geordi, LeVar Burton, was Kunta Kinte(from the mini-series Roots) again when he was shackled by Soran. In my family, and being African American (though I prefer the term Black), Roots was one of those closely watched and meaningful tv shows in my family. I say this to underscore the clearness of my memory from watching the movie. Data's emotional overload is another. When my buddy saw, what is the extended version of the overload, he noted the sexual nature of one of his outbursts being Data remembering his sexual encounter with Tasha Yar. Another "deleted" scene that I clearly remember is the shower scene with Geordi. At that moment, I had said to my friend something to the effect of, so people in the 24th century do take showers like we do. I can honestly say that I don't recall the scene where Chekov was morning for Kirk when they realized that he was gone. Am I the only one that remembers some of these "deleted" scenes from Generations? With that being said, can it truly be called a deleted scene or be considered non-canon even though it was in the theatrical release, but not found on current DVD releases?
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