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Re: Ancient Aliens

Was talking to a friend via chat and we had and he posted this, here's what he said:

I never understand humans that are so utterly certain they know exactly the way something happened or what limits are imposed by the Universe and just so supremely sure of things they can't possibly be sure of is one of those bizarre and annoying traits that bewilders and irritates me to no end! You'd think Sci Fi fans at the very least would leave open some possibility - however small - that maybe things are different from the currently accepted version of events. I don't claim to know - just that I can't rule it out and that the evidence presented by some does have some intriguing possibilities. To the close minded, it's not even open for discussion.
There as some site I was on not long ago and some poster was stating UFOs couldn't possibly be from alien worlds because physics has shown the distances are far too vast for space travel to be feasible and proceeded to basically slam everyone else for being ridiculously idiotic for even entertaining the idea. I couldn't believe how arrogant and assured he was and posted asking him if he really, truly believed human science in the 21s century had discovered everything ther was to know about physics and biology and the structure of space/time, etc and pointed out even scientists (good ones anyway) know that a new discovery can happen at anytime that could rewrite what we thought we knew or at the very least revolutionize our understanding. It can even show that there may simply be ways around the laws previously accepted as limiting factors.
Not to mention the fact that aliens from another star system may have vastly different lifetimes to our own if they don't simply have superior technology (a given from the traits of th ships so often sen!) to get around the speed of light travel issues, suspended animation, or may not even be biological beings anyway (even we can send a freakin robotic rover to Mars - surely their rovers would look like magic to us!).
My whole point was to simply point out we humans have so very much more to learn, discover, invent - we still have cultures that live as our species has for much of the time we have existed still on this planet (one can argue they may not be the primitive ones!) and yet some people seem to think we know all there is to know now, today, right now already. He of course simply brushed me off as a crackpot who believes in that weird stuff. Totally missed my point, and he still thinks he's the one with the superior intellect. It made me realize an open mind is more valuable IMO than any academic or corporate or social achievements. It also made me feel very sad that some people - possibly even the majority - have views of reality that are as erroneous as the ones they think I believe. I just allow for the possibility and know I don't know everything, nor does proably anyone else right now.

Seems to me that the mainstream scientific community is as dogmatic as some religious communities....both of which thinking that we know it all, and that if someone else points out something, he or she is wrong, wrong, wrong......I mean look at the Sphinx, there's water erosion on the Sphinx, as well as it's enclosure, and the last time Eygpt had any sigificant rainfall was like 10,000 years, so that tells me the Sphix is at least twice as old as mainstream says it is, not to mention the fact that I see a black woman's face on it, as oppossed to Chephren. Yet mainstream folks like Zahi Hawass keeps saying it's Chephren and the Sphinx is 5,000 years old. Personally, I think he's blinded by politics, since politics often does get in the way of advacement. And that's just one example of closed mindedness happening. I've done comparisons to a statue of Chephren, the one in Boston, and of the Sphinx, the proportions are way off. I remember on Mystery of the Sphinx, there was a police sketch artist who uses facial proportions and what not to make of both Chephren and the Sphinx, proportions were completely different, especially the protrusion of the jaw, angles from the nose and eyes, etc. And the verdict was the face of the Sphinx is not the same person as represented in the statue of the Pharoh Chephren.....he did not have the Sphinx done....the most he did was repair it during his lifetime, and that's it. Yet mainstream keeps insisting it is Chephren, and won't even consider any alternative ideas...(hell, crazy old Zahi threated a few certain folks suggested altnervies with chopping off their heads should they ever come to Eygpt....and this guy's supposed to be respected?), which makes no sense, expect the same dogma going around. And this is just the Sphinx, same thing goes for the ancient aliens theory.

And one thing the megolithich structures have over modern stuff like sky scrappers are that they scrappers, bridges, etc need to be maintained and worked on....metal oxidizes, plastics disolve, glass is brittle (unless made in a perfect vaccum, than it would be better than steel).....the Pyramids, both in Egypt and South America and Mexico, they are still there and looking good.
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