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Re: If you were on the Enterprise D, what would you do?

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Lets say you we;re living your life, and suddenly after a moment of disorientation you find yourself standing on the transporter pad, there is no one in the room. You walk off the platform, approach the door and it opens, you look out into an empty corridor, the lights are on and everything is functioning, only there is no people. After walking for some time, you pass a window showing the Earth as seen from space, through another window you see the Earth's moon, still no people, not even when you enter the turbolift and go to the Bridge. So what would you do?
This sounds like another thread....

Am I a trekkie(or trekker as the case may be) with all the knowledge of the trek universe that I have seen? If not, I get beamed aboard a strange ship. I wander around a lot and probably starve to death because I don't know how anything works.
However, if I am a trekkie/er, I would know which ship or station I am on judging by the consoles. I wouldn't have a clue as to how to get myself beamed back home (seeing as how it was probably a transporter malfunction anyway). I would go to 10 forward/mess hall and get something to eat/drink. Then I would find my way down to Engineering where I would find out the warp core was in danger of a breach which I could not stop even if I was an engineer (hence the lack of people) I go to the shuttle bay and lo and behold there is a warp shuttle there for me that can fly on auto pilot. I somehow tell the the computer to let me out before the core breaches and it believes me and I get away just before boom. Now, why Red Alert wasn't sounding while I was getting someing to eat is beyond me.
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