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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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Zarek is a particular creature known as a Demigog, he uses and manipulates the electoral process to achieve his ends, and when that process no longer works for him, he uses other means.

yes, that's what they made him out to be, because had they made him a principled democrat trying to take back the power from an autocrat then we couldn't have our little "good vs. evil" mutiny story, could we?
Except Zarek was a bastard from his first appearance in season 1 and the mutiny didn't have squat to do with taking power back from an autocrat, it was basically humans don't like Cylons so they don't want upgrades to their ships from rebel Cylons so they can keep running from the totally psychotic man-child who wants them all dead.

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I always thought Roslin's habit of ordering cylons to be chucked out of airlocks was one of the worst things about her character. Her vindictiveness showed up quite regularly. I don't know whether she was supposed to be the one who made the hard decisions but I reckon if you sentence someone to death, you should be the one who presses the button.
To be fair the Cylons did kind of kill the vast majority of humanity and were hunting them down to finish the job plus they did come back from the dead for most of the series.
If you know a cylon is going to be resurrected, killing one does not amount to murder. In fact Sharon/Athena asked to be killed in order to be resurrected on a Base ship so she could rescue her child.

I think the original Battlestar Galactica made light of most of humanity's destruction, with Starbuck being just as happy go lucky as usually, and interested in winning cubits and visiting this space going casino in order to win a fortune, it also was bothersome that these characters did not have last names or seem to have family members other than the ones in Apollo's family. I think more than a few people could reasonably be expected to be motivated by feelings of revenge due to the destruction of most of their race by the Cylons, and many are decidedly reluctant to see Cylons as anything other than the very definition of evil. A person who has lost most or all of his family and friends is not likely to be the forgiving sort, or be willing to give the perpetrators of the act a second chance or the benefit of the doubt in anything. Any character who just shrugs his shoulders at genocide and lets bygones be bygones, probably has ice water for blood.
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