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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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To ask it another way, what is non-depowered Wonder Woman? The Wonder Woman I know is pretty much like the Lynda Carter WW. Fast enough to use the bracelets, can leap high and run fast and very accurate aim. But, these don't seem like Supernatural powers, just extremely well developed everyday skills. Not very much different from Xena.
You ever try jumping up to the roof of a building from the ground level? I don't believe any human can, not even the best Olympic atheletes can jump 10 feet up in the air from a standing position, that is superhuman, and you can't train to have those abilities, no matter who your training master is. There is no amount of training that will allow you to see bullets coming and place a wrist bracelet in front of their paths so as to deflect them.
Sure, superhuman, even at that, I'm not familiar with her leaping 40 or 60 feet, only about 15 or 20, and that's apparently a strain, from what I remember. So, yea, stronger/faster than mere mortals, but, I'm not familiar with her being Superman strong or Flash fast, which is what I meant to impart when I used the word Supernatural, rather than Superhuman (And yea, maybe, not the best of choice of words)

LOL Nrys Myk and Silvercrest
Superman is the modern equivalent to Paul Bunyan. Bionic Man strong is certainly more believable than superman strong. Steve Austen does not have to worry about his clothes burning up due to atmospheric friction when running a good highway speed of 60 miles per hour. The flash by all rights should end up completely naked every time he does MACH 25, his skin would also have to be invulnerable to this heating, and at certain speeds it becomes impossible to run, the Flash would have to fly like Superman. Superman is a more believable character than the flash, he is at once strong, fast and invulnerable, and he needs to be invulnerable to keep from burning up in the atmosphere when he goes too fast, the fact that he can fly solves the running problem that Flash has, though Superman would end up naked as his super suit burned off in the atmosphere, his suit would need to be just as invulnerable as he is.
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