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Did Phlox ever have a nurse in any season?

I'm introducing Trek (all five shows) to a friend who started watching because of the JJ Abrams Trek XI.

Several members of my friend's family are actually registered nurses.

Thus when I explained that the NX-01 has *stewards* (that is, waiters) but Phlox has no medical staff and no nurses, my friend found this absurd.

Now, I did explain that in the pilot, the whole point was that they rushed out of spacedock then never turned around for two years for fear that they'd be grounded again by red tape if they did, that originally it was just a straightforward trip to the Klingon homeworld, and that they left in a hurry -- other episodes emphasize that they didn't even fully install all of their weapons yet (Reed had to install some of their phasers by hand on the fly).

Still, even for a short trip, its kind of silly that Phlox didn't take along any random nurses, even just grabbing whoever was on the space station's staff.

Seriously, the first ship out there, a crew of only 83 people, and some of them are *waiters*?

***Well then again its a crew of only 83 people so it probably doesn't need a large medical staff.

My friend conceded all of these points....for seasons 1 and 2.

but they returned to Earth at the end of season 2 and the end of season 3.

Does anyone remember seeing random extras playing nurses in seasons 3 and 4?

Nobody died in seasons 1 and 2 so there wasn't much need for nurses. Maybe during the Xindi arc when they took losses?

Granted, its a small crew so a small medical staff; but doesn't even one doctor need an extra pair of hands? Even on Voyager, once Kes left, the Doctor made Paris train as his nurse, pointing out that for some medical procedures he simply needed more than one pair of hands.

***my running theory is that similar to how Paris got trained-up as an unofficial nurse, that the idea was that Crewman Elizabeth Cutler was being set up as Phlox's assistant -- see "Two Days and Two Nights" -- but that this idea was dropped after the actress's sudden death.
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