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Re: Why it's nice to be the US open tennis champion

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Of course AM's US open win will only complicate an already crowded file for the BBC's Sports Persoanlity of the Year 2012. What with the Olympics true whilst we have had many Olympic champions over the years, it's been three geenrations (76 years) since a Brit won a Grand Slam Tennis tournament.
It's Wiggo vs Murray vs Mo as my personal favourites. Probably Wiggo for the actual title, as cycling fans have a track record of being able to organise themselves well during the voting process.

The longlist is just ridiculously impressive though. Not just the various Olympians, but McIlroy probably should be in there too, and if Hamilton can sneak the F1 title he should be on the list too. It's quite remarkable what a year it's been, really.

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A $1300 gratuity! Probably made that server's night.
Yeah, and in keeping with Hakkasan's cuisine, I bet she was a happy panda...
LH winning the F1 any other year might be a shoe in for the award, but in an olympic year I can't see it happening. I can't even see him going 2nd or 3rd. The competition is just too strong. Wiggo, Murray are certainly strong contenders but so are the likes of Pendleton and Ennis. It's a very strong field, but as a said the first Brit to win a Grand Slam in 76 years certainly works in Murray's favour. Murray should at least make the top 3
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