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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

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Gaith really isn't an "idea" guy so much as a "trash everyone else's idea" guy.
Slander! I have tons of awesome ideas. Like Gods of Allocation, a Sports Night-esque sitcom about the oft-discussed "suits" who decide what movies/shows live or die, and what sort of budgets they get.

There could totally be an episode where one of the guys agonizes over what to do with the Stargate property. On the one hand, it's got strong name recognition, a devoted following, and lots of canon to draw on. On the other hand, it's best known for a show in which military types teleport into Canadi-er, alien forests, and, uh.... from what I've gleaned above... beat some people up?

Meanwhile, the same guy promised his eight-year old daughter he's been neglecting that Johnny Depp will come to her birthday party, but he's doing last-minute reshoots on a movie in Lisbon! Can our hero find an adequately convincing impersonator in time? Find out this Tuesday on... GODS OF ALLOCATION!
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