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Re: Stiles in Balance of Terror

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Does anyone know if the Captain Stiles of the USS Excelsior seen in STIV was meant to be the same Stiles from this episode? Or perhaps a relative?
According to memory alpha the excelsior captain's name was spelled "styles" and the guy from balance of terror is "stiles"

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3) Stiles' distrust of Spock and his entire species is a very rational concern, really. It's not that there would be something wrong about wanting to throw Spock in the brig and send a message to Earth recommending internment of all Vulcans. It's just that Stiles is being circumspect about it, insinuating rather than accusing. Which I guess is the most he dares do, what with Spock being his superior and all.

Timo Saloniemi
Er, what?

There would definitely be something very wrong about that.
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