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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

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Love interest deaths/break-ups in Star Trek:
I think I'd re-categorize that slightly:

One-direction crushes
Janice Rand/Charlie Evans
Mister Spock/Christine Chapel

James Kirk, Manipulator, but will "explain this Earth thing called kissing"
James Kirk/Lenore Karidian
James Kirk/Kelinda
James Kirk/Shayna
James Kirk/Deela
James Kirk/Marta the Orion Girl

Under duress/chemical manipulation
James Kirk/Elaan, Dohlman of Elaas

Only cuz we have to
Mister Spock/T'Pring

Mutual Interest
Gary Mitchell/Elizabeth Dehner
Leonard Mcoy/"Nancy Crater"
Angela Martine/Robert Tomlinson
Christine Chapel/Roger Korby
James Kirk/Areel Shaw
Khan Noonia Singh/Marla McGivers
Mister Spock/Leila Kalomi
James Kirk/Edith Keeler
George Samuel Kirk/Aurelan Kirk
Carolyn Palamas/Apollo
Mister Spock/The Romulan Commander
Lawrence Marvick/Miranda Jones
James Kirk/Odonna
Pavel Chekov/Irina Galliuin
James Kirk/Reena Kapeck
Mister Spock/Droxine
Mister Spock/Zarabeth
James Kirk/Janice Lester

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