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Re: Star Trek 2 Has A New Title?

Yup those are the ones
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I'm curious for a link, too.
Sorry brothers, no link
Saw it over at ain't it cool I believe after Latino review first confirmed it was khan. If you search trek over there maybe you can find it. Was reported by the guy there who first reported the destruction of Vulcan rumors
Maybe you're remembering this? In which:
Hercules @ AICN wrote:
Not a rehash of “Space Seed”?

A digression of pure speculation: What if Old Spock Prime dispatched a heavily armed crew to where he knew the Botany Bay would be drifting? What if Khan and his crew were (likely against Old Spock's protests) quickly caged and “broken” and repurposed into Starfleet Team Six, the Federation’s most deadly secret weapon? And what if this “tamed” Khan, with his genetically-engineered superior intelligence, has spent years biding his time as Starfleet puts more and more of its trust in him? End digression.
And also:
Hercules @ AICN wrote:
Another speculative digression occurs! What if the Klingons are utilized early on to demonstrate how badass Khan’s Starfleet Team Six is? (Recall a similar strategy was once employed to demonstrate how badass V’ger was.) Will we finally get to see a Khan-Klingon throwdown?
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