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Re: Season ONE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Got the sets for my birthday the other day. Pretty awesome. I already called the deluxe number and am should be getting my disc replacements in the next week or so. It was actually really easy. I was surprised at how little time I had to spend on the phone.

Anyway, since I didn't want to start watching the episodes yet until I get the fixed discs, I watched all the documentaries. They were really well done, I was surprised at how much material was there that I had never seen/heard. I was REALLY hoping they would surprise me with a picture of Patrick Stewart wearing the infamous wig , but I guess such documents do not exist. I'm really looking forward to all the fantastic behind the scenes extras these sets will include in the coming years.

The guy who almost played Picard seemed odd to me, but also quite likable and funny. At least he seemed to realized what a mistake turning down that role was, in retrospect. (He called himself a putz)

I was pleasantly surprised that the extras didn't shy away from the "tension" between writers and Gene Roddenberry. That was interesting stuff. They painted him as somewhat paranoid towards the end. Then it shifted to Denise Crosby quitting the show, and with all the other stuff in context, it really gave me a taste of how hopeless the show must have seemed at that time. Arguing writers/crew, rivalries forming, Gerrold talking about how he realized this was not the show he wanted, DC Fontana saying she was through with star trek, an actor leaving the show. We're lucky things worked out!
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