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Re: I can't watch Enterprise anymore...

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No, TATV was always meant to be the Season Four finale. If they'd somehow managed a Season Five, TATV still would have happened, they just would have done something to get around Trip's death.

Remember that they never actually showed his body. If they'd gotten the renewal notice in time, they could have rewritten some dialogue to make his status even more ambiguous before revealing he was alive in the Season Five premiere.

I don't think this is true, from what I recall everyone found out while filming "In a Mirror Darkly" that the show was cancelled so Berman who had left the show to Manny Coto at that point came back to do TATV which was supposed to be a kind of book end to the modern era of Trek on TV. Coto's original plan for the end of season four was to have the Terra Prime episodes be a three parter. So TATV was written after the show had been cancelled. Berman did say later that if the show had made it to season 5 that Trip would not have been killed off and that his death in TATV was basically a ploy to add drama.
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