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Re: I liked DS9 and the Dominion War, would I like Babylon 5?

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I'm rewatching TNG right now, and want to try something new after I finish that, before starting my DS9 rewatch.

I've heard a lot about Babylon 5. Is it really similar to DS9 as space station shows? How is the acting and is it as arc heavy as what DS9 became in its later seasons? I keep hearing that B5's first season and last season were really weak, can they be skipped?
IMHO, don't bother. B5 is a plodding, shoddily acted, exercise in continuity masturbation that isn't worth anyone's time. I've tried to watch it more than once and always came to the same conclusion: all the continuity in the world doesn't amount to a cup of spit compared to real, human characters and a plausible sense of spontaneity.

How about branching out? Friday Night Lights is an excellent series that tells a very human story about family dynamics, racism and coming-of-age. It's not particularly long (5 seasons of varying lengths) and features tight writing and a riveting set of characters.

I recently started re-watching the show after debating between it and BSG. So far, I think I made the right choice.
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