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Re: If you were on the Enterprise D, what would you do?

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Take a portable laptop containing majority if not most of the specifications on numerous technologies and specific instructions on how to recreate them with todays technology.
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I would move the ship to keep any Earth governments from sending a man spaceship up and try to board the ship. One thing you don't want, is to have someone during this time period to get a hold of a Federation ship like the Enterprise.
I would mine the Enterprise for technology and bring it to Earth, what I introduced (and didn't) would be pretty subjective on my part admittedly. Medical advances would come first. Followed closely by power production technology, not antimatter, but working fusion reactor designs that could be reproduced on Earth. See if the Enterprise's life support technology could be up-scaled to clean the environment, have it available to industrial plants so that their discharge would be environmentally neutral. Cheap water desalinization.

Phaser technology to disintegrate land fills, nuclear and toxic waste. As much as possible, deliberately make phaser tech "bulky" to slow it's introduction onto battlefields (wouldn't stop it in time).

Stuff in the main computer memory would be historically interesting.

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